About Us

In 2017, the Pearl Initiative launched its Governance in Philanthropy Programme to support the institutionalisation of private giving across the Gulf Region.

As part of the programme, in 2018 the Pearl Initiative published “The State of Governance in Philanthropy in the Gulf Region”, a regional report that sheds light on the current giving landscape in the region when it comes to the governance of philanthropy, while also defining the strategic areas of focus for the sector.

The data collected for this report, as well as the process of interacting with the philanthropic community over the past few years has taught us that:

(i) Collaboration amongst the key players engaged in philanthropy in the sector, be it corporations, family businesses, SMEs or foundations, is imperative to delivering scalable and transformative impact; and
(ii) The availability and access to regionally relevant tools and resources to support individuals and organisations in their strategies and philanthropic investments is necessary.

For this reason, we bring to you The Circle, an online platform designed to support all donors actively engaged in the sector by convening and sharing the resources, tools and proven best practices that work. We believe that these tools and guides will support you in the implementation of even more strategic and outcome-focused giving across the Gulf Region.

With the magnitude of giving happening on a regional and global scale, the opportunity for impactful giving is immense. The Circle is our contribution to building the means to scale impact and promote meaningful engagements across the non-profit and private sector.

This platform is one of the many steps taken by the Pearl Initiative to meet this demand, and we hope to continue to support your needs into the future!