August 2020

Across the private sector, investors make calculated decisions supported by reliable data and a guiding team to ensure the effectiveness of their investment prior to deploying funds. Philanthropic investments should be treated the same way, if not with higher precaution, as it is high-risk capital.

While private personal giving continues to be an important source of financing for grantees and beneficiaries in the region, these actors are now giving through an increasingly diverse range of family foundations and social investment initiatives, including established foundations, new philanthropic ventures, as well as corporate vehicles. Further, there has been growing discussion around the sustainability and effectiveness of regional philanthropy, heated by the desire to optimise the scale and impact of giving.

This panel discussion addressed the necessary factors for the continued growth and expansion of strategic giving across the Gulf Region.

More specifically, it explored the following questions:

- What is strategic philanthropy?
- Is institutional philanthropy essential to the growth of strategic giving in the Gulf Region?
- What do donors need to enable more structured philanthropy?
- What impact does structured giving have on the scalability and sustainability of philanthropic projects?